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About Us

From lab to market

The project was originally created as a result of close collaboration between university researchers (Polytechnique Montreal) with a practicing pathologist (CHUM), and the same team participates in Vega Bioimaging Inc as co-founders or scientific advisors.

More than 10 years of research and development in the field of biomedical nanoplasmonic imaging and detection, carried out at the Polytechnique Montreal (Prof. M. Meunier) and funded by projects CHRP, NSERC, Oncotech, allowed to prove the basic scientific principles of the technology.

Cécile Darviot, M. Sc.


Sergiy Patskovsky, Ph.D.


Michel Meunier


Scientific advisors

Dr Roula Albadine

Pathologist at CR-CHUM

Dr Dominique Trudel

Researcher and pathologist at CR-CHUM