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Enabling quantitative, multi-target, and fast protein testing in biopsies

A complete solution 

Diagnostic Kit

Color beeds engineered to target the desired protein

Analysis Software

AI powered quantification of the labelling agent

Whole Slide Scanner

Adapted Whole Slide Scanner for this specific labelling method


Protein Quantification 5X more precise than standard of care


4-plex protein detection


As fast as a standard IHC


User-friendly, little training required

A novel immunolabeling

Our proposed immunolabeling, allows to bring quantitativity and multiplexing in cytopathology for a more accurate diagnostic. It is also compatible with standard H&E staining and allows for dual mode imaging in a simple switch.


Among the numerous advantages of using functionalized plasmonic nanoparticles as immunolabeling, the quantitativity of the staining is the key to achieving objective analysis of the samples.


Thanks to the unique optical properties of the plasmonic nanoparticles used as immunolabeling, we can have up to 4 markers in the same sample.


Compared to immunofluorescence, the immunoplasmonic labeling does not suffer from photo-bleaching, and allows for multiple examinations of the same sample.